It's great to meet you ...

Hi - I'm Dr Dave Richards

My name is Dave Richards and I am an ex British Paratrooper. I left the British Army in 2004 and completed a Bachelor of Biomedical Science and was then accepted into Otago University where I completed a Bachelor of Dental Surgery.

I have been practicing minimally invasive dentistry since I graduated and base my philosophy around Biomimetic Dentistry, with the aid of Cad Cam dentistry, saving as much of the tooth as possible.

I am a member of the New Zealand Dental Association, the New Zealand Academy of Cosmetic dentistry, and the American Biomimetic’s society and a member of the Endodontics society and recently I have become the National Trainer in digital dentistry for CEREC.

I am passionate about my work and enjoy travelling internationally to conferences where I can advance my dental knowledge. I thrive on sharing this knowledge with my patients and use this depth of knowledge, to provide my patients with longer lasting treatments.

St Heliers is a beautiful community and I could not be happier with the people and the warm response that the community has show me so far. I hope to be here till the end of my career.

Dr Ernie Park

General and Cosmetic Dentistry BDS (hons), Otago

It’s my pleasure to introduce myself to you. I graduated from the University of Otago in 2014 with first class honours in Bachelor of Dental Surgery. Over the years I have enjoyed practicing a wide range of general dentistry with a core focus on a modern and minimally invasive approach.

I pride myself on having a gentle, patient-oriented approach and enjoy working together with patients to achieve optimal solutions.

As a member of the New Zealand Dental Association and the New Zealand Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, I strive to keep my knowledge up to date through regular attendance of dental courses.

Outside of dentistry, I have picked up a passion for drumming and hope to get involved with other musicians and gigs in the near future. In the weekends I also enjoy spending time with my wife and dog at the beaches and cafes.

It’s a real privilege to join the highly qualified team at Natural Smile.

Frederik Jansen

Clinical Dental Technician (BDentTech) (PGDipCDTech) Otago

It’s my pleasure to introduce myself to you. I’m a Clinical Dental Technician who proudly graduated from the University of Otago in 2012 with my Bachelor’s degree in Dental Technology followed by a Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Dental Technology.

At Natural Smile, I work independently alongside Dr Dave Richards in, restoring the qualifying patient’s dentition using either complete or partial dentures.

I have always had a passion for the technical side of how things work and operate. Being able to apply this to the field of dentistry has been very exciting for me. The knowledge that I have gained over the years inspires me and I find it exciting to solve a denture problem and create a beautiful new comfortable set of teeth for my patients.

“Now I have to learn how to smile again…” is a statement I quite often hear from my patients. I understand that having a problem with speech, appearance or difficulty in chewing can be devastating. Knowing you are the one who made it possible for a person to smile again is greatly rewarding and the reason why I love my job.


Dental Assistant

I really enjoy working with people, as I’m a caring and compassionate person and it gives me a buzz seeing a patient’s reaction when you change someone’s smile.

Watching someone grow with confidence as you change their smile is why I love this job.

I have worked in the dental industry for over twenty years and have seen dentistry evolve, for the better. The technology and science these days is coming together to ultimately lead to better treatment options and better care for people, and it’s fascinating to witness the changes.


My goal within the team is to ensure the practice runs smoothly and to provide our patients support as they receive dental treatment. I have a kind approachable nature and will be your first point of contact so please don’t hesitate to contact me.
I enjoy working alongside a talented team who educate the community on the importance of oral health and regular dental check-ups to help prevent future damage.
Outside of work I l love spending quality time with my family. I also enjoy fishing and being outdoors. Often, after a long weekend I come into the clinic giving Dave a hard time on how I caught the biggest fish.


I grew up in Malaysia and came to New Zealand in 2007. I graduated as an oral health therapist in 2018. I am passionate in helping patients achieve excellent oral health outcomes. In my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with friends, rock climbing, and playing badminton.


I have been working as a Dental Assistant since 2018, when I moved to New Zealand from Brazil. I love ensuring everything runs smoothly during the appointment and patients feel as comfortable as they can be.