It's great to meet you ...

Hi - I'm Dr Dave Richards

My name is Dave Richards and I am an ex British Paratrooper. I left the British Army in 2004 and completed a Bachelor of Biomedical Science and was then accepted into Otago University where I completed a Bachelor of Dental Surgery.

I have been practicing minimally invasive dentistry since I graduated and base my philosophy around Biomimetic Dentistry, with the aid of Cad Cam dentistry, saving as much of the tooth as possible.

I am a member of the New Zealand Dental Association, the New Zealand Academy of Cosmetic dentistry, and the American Biomimetic’s society and a member of the Endodontics society and recently I have become the National Trainer in digital dentistry for CEREC.

I am passionate about my work and enjoy travelling internationally to conferences where I can advance my dental knowledge. I thrive on sharing this knowledge with my patients and use this depth of knowledge, to provide my patients with longer lasting treatments.

St Heliers is a beautiful community and I could not be happier with the people and the warm response that the community has show me so far. I hope to be here till the end of my career.