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What's your biggest fear of Dentists? Getting ripped off?

You’re asking …

  • Is this guy like other dentists?
  • Will he have me paying for treatments that I don’t really need?
  • How will I know, how does anyone really know?

3D imagery means you can now see, for yourself, exactly what is going on with your teeth, and TOGETHER we’ll decide what is best. Some dental procedures can wait, without risking a larger future cost in the future. Some can’t. And you will see exactly why, and you’ll know 100% that it’s the right decision for you, and not my bank account.

I offer all treatments you’d expect from a dentist, with a focus on veneers, crowns and implants.

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What patients say ...

Dr David Richards attended to my dental appointment with absolute professionalism & I am delighted with one of two appointments for crowns. Explanation, photos & all around demeanour was outstanding. I could not recommend a better dentist in the eastern bays & easy parking. Lisa, his nurse delightful making me feel very at ease. Top marks from me.

Leigh Giboney

We absolutely love Dave and his team! That’s something I never thought I’d say about a dentist! I had been avoiding dental treatment for over 10 years and Dave did his best to make every experience, with a rather anxious patient (me!), a pleasure. He is extremely thorough, takes a holistic approach to dental care, and communicates well so you never feel like you don’t know what’s going on. Thanks for everything Dave!

Jade Shearstone

Thanks Dave for the positive Dental experience. You and your team are very professional and efficient. I will be recommending your dental practice to friends and family.

Mark O'Connell

I recently switched dentists and cannot recommend Dave and the team highly enough. I’m someone who has never enjoyed visits to the dentist and past work on my teeth by a previous dentist was done poorly. Not only has Dave remedied these issues, they now look 10x better and I’m not terrified of dentists anymore!  Have since recommended to friends and colleagues.

Ben Collingwood

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